Nottinghamshire ASA
County Championships 2009


This year we have taken the decision not to produce result sheets on the day as this is not only
time consuming but extremely wasteful using both toner cartridges and paper. Also due to the fact
that splits are now included this means over 10 pages of results per session.
The splits are incremental, where possible every 50m.


If you wish to calculate your own bagcat scores then you should download
the official BAGCAT calculator (2009) version, from
Sportsystems at

Draft Programmes (view only)   Result sheets (printable)

Day 1 Beechdale 14th Feb

  Session 1 Beechdale 14th Feb
Day 2 Beechdale 15th Feb   Session 2 Beechdale 14th Feb
Day 3 Watermeadows 28th Feb   Session 3 Beechdale 14th Feb
Day 4 Watermeadows 21st March   Session 4 Beechdale 15th Feb
800m - Worksop Sat 7th March   Session 5 Beechdale 15th Feb
1500m - Retford Sat 14th March   Session 6 Beechdale 15th Feb
Multi Disability Events   Session 7 Watermeadows 28th Feb
    Session 8 Watermeadows 28th Feb
Swimmers Information   Session 9 Watermeadows 28th Feb
Withdrawal Procedure Reminder   Session 10 800m - Worksop Sat 7th March
Withdrawal Form   Session 11 1500m - Retford Sat 14th March
Meet Schedule   Session 12 Watermeadows 21st March
Awards & Bagcats   Relay Gala Watermeadows 21st March
Qualifying Times   Multi Disability Events
Promoters Conditions