Girls 12 Yrs/Over 1500m Freestyle - Heats (Declared Winners)

12 Yrs Age Group - Full Results

PlaceNameAaDClub Time  FINA Pt 
1.Evie Johnson12Bramcote 19:35.76  479 
 50m 34.03100m 1:12.19150m 1:51.14200m 2:30.92250m 3:10.21300m 3:49.75350m 4:29.16400m 5:08.87
 450m 5:48.24500m 6:27.69550m 7:06.94600m 7:47.13650m 8:26.26700m 9:06.47750m 9:46.05800m 10:26.11
 850m 11:05.16900m 11:45.24950m 12:24.711000m 13:04.421050m 13:43.661100m 14:23.461150m 15:03.041200m 15:42.95
 1250m 16:21.951300m 17:01.651350m 17:40.871400m 18:20.211450m 18:58.921500m 19:35.76  
2.Breanna Chamberlain12Retford 19:57.18  454 
 50m 34.56100m 1:12.60150m 1:52.41200m 2:32.02250m 3:11.76300m 3:52.28350m 4:32.63400m 5:13.28
 450m 5:54.13500m 6:35.38550m 7:14.96600m 7:55.14650m 8:35.08700m 9:15.77750m 9:56.86800m 10:37.09
 850m 11:17.23900m 11:58.35950m 12:39.141000m 13:13.601050m 14:00.111100m 14:40.581150m 15:20.321200m 16:00.97
 1250m 16:41.461300m 17:21.561350m 18:01.411400m 18:41.151450m 19:19.871500m 19:57.18  

13 Yrs Age Group - Full Results

PlaceNameAaDClub Time  FINA Pt 
1.Rose Dickerson13NottmLeander 20:27.62  421 
 50m 36.98100m 1:17.86150m 1:59.15200m 2:40.46250m 3:21.86300m 4:03.13350m 4:44.71400m 5:25.84
 450m 6:07.23500m 6:48.52550m 7:29.19600m 8:10.38650m 8:51.23700m 9:32.46750m 10:14.12800m 10:55.02
 850m 11:35.17900m 12:16.58950m 12:57.091000m 13:38.451050m 14:19.191100m 15:00.471150m 15:42.191200m 16:23.92
 1250m 17:05.091300m 17:46.701350m 18:28.001400m 19:09.051450m 19:49.641500m 20:27.62  

14 Yrs Age Group - Full Results

PlaceNameAaDClub Time  FINA Pt 
1.Emily Morris14Bramcote 19:02.52  522 
 50m 34.12100m 1:11.06150m 1:49.08200m 2:26.94250m 3:05.47300m 3:43.80350m 4:21.97400m 5:00.13
 450m 5:38.27500m 6:16.03550m 6:54.68600m 7:32.90650m 8:11.06700m 8:49.58750m 9:27.78800m 10:06.19
 850m 10:44.41900m 11:22.22950m 12:00.481000m 12:39.371050m 13:17.511100m 13:56.311150m 14:34.601200m 15:13.19
 1250m 15:51.901300m 16:30.571350m 17:09.121400m 17:47.581450m 18:25.641500m 19:02.52  
2.Sarah Holmes14Sutton 19:17.10  503 
 50m 32.88100m 1:10.01150m 1:47.80200m 2:25.70250m 3:03.75300m 3:42.04350m 4:20.59400m 4:58.98
 450m 5:38.22500m 6:16.89550m 6:55.94600m 7:34.53650m 8:13.85700m 8:52.06750m 9:30.82800m 10:09.15
 850m 10:48.31900m 11:26.77950m 12:06.041000m 12:45.011050m 13:24.391100m 14:04.131150m 14:43.331200m 15:22.17
 1250m 16:01.691300m 16:40.441350m 17:20.451400m 17:59.551450m 18:39.001500m 19:17.10  
 Talitha Oud14Sutton DNF    

15 Yrs Age Group - Full Results

PlaceNameAaDClub Time  FINA Pt 
1.Lucy Conroy15Worksop 18:59.67  526 
 50m 33.74100m 1:10.53150m 1:47.96200m 2:26.10250m 3:04.02300m 3:42.48350m 4:20.42400m 4:58.75
 450m 5:36.88500m 6:15.61550m 6:53.66600m 7:32.40650m 8:10.46700m 8:49.05750m 9:27.30800m 10:05.46
 850m 10:43.73900m 11:22.03950m 12:00.341000m 12:38.841050m 13:17.261100m 13:55.871150m 14:33.891200m 15:12.67
 1250m 15:50.891300m 16:29.211350m 17:07.211400m 17:45.471450m 18:22.861500m 18:59.67  

16 Yrs/Over Age Group - Full Results

PlaceNameAaDClub Time  FINA Pt 
1.Polly Holden20Arnold 16:33.58  795 
 50m 30.34100m 1:02.57150m 1:35.55200m 2:08.89250m 2:42.34300m 3:15.61350m 3:49.08400m 4:22.33
 450m 4:55.97500m 5:29.13550m 6:02.68600m 6:36.05650m 7:09.56700m 7:42.95750m 8:16.53800m 8:50.08
 850m 9:23.17900m 9:56.53950m 10:29.861000m 11:03.341050m 11:36.851100m 12:10.381150m 12:43.691200m 13:17.02
 1250m 13:50.491300m 14:23.911350m 14:57.001400m 15:30.191450m 16:02.671500m 16:33.58  
2.Rebecca Flisher17Sherwood 17:41.83  651 
 50m 32.66100m 1:08.11150m 1:43.87200m 2:19.54250m 2:55.23300m 3:30.76350m 4:06.38400m 4:41.82
 450m 5:17.38500m 5:52.88550m 6:28.20600m 7:03.94650m 7:39.78700m 8:15.10750m 8:50.57800m 9:26.19
 850m 10:01.72900m 10:37.08950m 11:12.591000m 11:48.341050m 12:23.721100m 12:59.611150m 13:35.231200m 14:10.69
 1250m 14:46.281300m 15:21.711350m 15:56.861400m 16:32.361450m 17:07.621500m 17:41.83  
3.Chloe Quinn16Sutton 18:24.07  579 
 50m 32.49100m 1:08.16150m 1:43.50200m 2:19.38250m 2:55.25300m 3:31.41350m 4:07.85400m 4:44.37
 450m 5:21.33500m 5:58.77550m 6:36.08600m 7:12.91650m 7:49.49700m 8:18.78750m 9:02.86800m 9:39.83
 850m 10:16.78900m 10:53.82950m 11:31.171000m 12:08.501050m 12:46.281100m 13:24.331150m 14:02.191200m 14:39.48
 1250m 15:16.871300m 15:53.911350m 16:31.431400m 17:09.571450m 17:47.531500m 18:24.07  
4.Natasha Utley17Retford 18:32.45  566 
 50m 33.92100m 1:10.56150m 1:47.55200m 2:24.08250m 3:01.02300m 3:37.84350m 4:14.97400m 4:51.56
 450m 5:28.44500m 6:01.22550m 6:42.48600m 7:19.77650m 7:57.48700m 8:34.86750m 9:12.18800m 9:49.57
 850m 10:27.70900m 11:05.15950m 11:42.411000m 12:19.871050m 12:57.211100m 13:34.541150m 14:12.111200m 14:49.45
 1250m 15:27.661300m 16:04.771350m 16:41.771400m 17:19.191450m 17:56.701500m 18:32.45  
5.Georgia Milton19Uni of Nott 18:41.70  552 
 50m 33.28100m 1:09.38150m 1:46.47200m 2:23.45250m 3:00.78300m 3:37.98350m 4:15.29400m 4:52.32
 450m 5:29.81500m 6:07.06550m 6:44.53600m 7:22.04650m 7:59.48700m 8:36.83750m 9:14.62800m 9:52.09
 850m 10:30.00900m 11:07.45950m 11:45.051000m 12:22.591050m 13:00.671100m 13:38.651150m 14:16.671200m 14:54.73
 1250m 15:32.971300m 16:11.001350m 16:49.031400m 17:27.001450m 18:04.931500m 18:41.70  
6.Ellie Bunker16Sutton 19:35.49  480 
 50m 35.08100m 1:12.18150m 1:50.15200m 2:28.63250m 3:07.41300m 3:47.47350m 4:27.75400m 5:07.00
 450m 5:46.46500m 6:26.19550m 7:05.54600m 7:46.65650m 8:26.60700m 9:06.71750m 9:46.81800m 10:26.56
 850m 11:06.91900m 11:46.66950m 12:25.731000m 13:04.841050m 13:42.991100m 14:22.581150m 15:02.241200m 15:40.90
 1250m 16:20.191300m 16:59.531350m 17:39.191400m 18:18.551450m 18:57.571500m 19:35.49  
 Sofia Allen19Uni of Nott DNF