Meet Withdrawals

Please Find below a list of events for the County Championships 2019. Please complete the form for events that you wish to with draw from ensuring you complete all mandatory fields (Marked with a *). Team withdrawals will only be accepted from club contacts.
Please note that this is a two stage verification withdrawal system. Once you have selected the events below then you will be asked to review the withdrawal before you make the final submission.

Swimmer/Team Name * Club of Representation *
D.o.B./Team Age * Registration No.
Name of Person Submitting this form * Contact Email Address *

Event Number   Event Title  
101 Female 400m IM
102 Male 100m Backstroke
103 Female 100m Butterfly
104 Male 50m Breaststroke
105 Female 50m Breaststroke
106 Male 200m Butterfly
201 Mixed Disability 50m Backstroke (Disability)
202 Male 400m IM
203 Female 50m Butterfly
204 Male 100m Butterfly
205 Female 200m Freestyle
218 Mixed Disability 100m Freestyle (Disability)
219 Female 400m Freestyle
220 Male 100m Freestyle
221 Female 50m Backstroke
222 Male 200m Breaststroke
301 Mixed Disability 100m Backstroke (Disability)
302 Female 200m Butterfly
303 Male 100m Breaststroke
304 Female 50m Freestyle
305 Male 200m Backstroke
318 Mixed Disability 50m Breaststroke (Disability)
319 Male 400m Freestyle
320 Female 100m Freestyle
321 Male 50m Butterfly
322 Female 200m Breaststroke
401 Mixed Disability 50m Freestyle (Disability)
402 Female 100m Backstroke
403 Male 50m Backstroke
404 Female 800m Freestyle
405 Male 800m Freestyle
418 Male 200m Freestyle
419 Female 100m Breaststroke
420 Male 50m Freestyle
421 Female 200m Backstroke
501 Female 200m IM
502 Male 200m IM
503 Female 1500m Freestyle
504 Male 1500m Freestyle
601 Mixed Team 200m Freestyle (09/10)
602 Mixed Team 200m Freestyle (12/UN)
603 Mixed Team 200m Freestyle (14/UN)
604 Mixed Team 200m Freestyle (16/UN)
605 Mixed Team 200m Freestyle (OPEN)
606 Mixed Team 200m Medley (09/10)
607 Mixed Team 200m Medley (12/UN)
608 Mixed Team 200m Medley (14/UN)
609 Mixed Team 200m Medley (16/UN)
610 Mixed Team 200m Medley (OPEN)
621 Female Team 200m Freestyle (09/10)
622 Male Team 200m Medley (09/10)
623 Female Team 200m Freestyle (12/UN)
624 Male Team 200m Medley (12/UN)
625 Female Team 200m Freestyle (14/UN)
626 Male Team 200m Medley (14/UN)
627 Female Team 200m Freestyle (16/UN)
628 Male Team 200m Medley (16/UN)
629 Female Team 400m Freestyle (OPEN)
630 Male Team 400m Medley (OPEN)
631 Female Team 200m Medley (09/10)
632 Male Team 200m Freestyle (09/10)
633 Female Team 200m Medley (12/UN)
634 Male Team 200m Freestyle (12/UN)
635 Female Team 200m Medley (14/UN)
636 Male Team 200m Freestyle (14/UN)
637 Female Team 200m Medley (16/UN)
638 Male Team 200m Freestyle (16/UN)
639 Female Team 400m Medley (OPEN)
640 Male Team 400m Freestyle (OPEN)